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​Our missions are what "a dream is told for" to a visitor first. And carry out the help "which fulfills a dream."

It is a very difficult time to be in a present-day record low interest rate level, and to carry out property formation by a financial product.
Then, I propose the investment in the profit real estate aiming at raising the stable profit.

A real estate investment is investment which purchases a housing and acquires the house rent profit (income gain) by lease, or the profit (capital gain) by selling off.

It becomes an important element for "the generous future" which everyone desires to come around to obtain the income where uneasiness was stabilized over the strong present time and the long period of time in the future [ of the public pension plan ].

We are the clear information which specialized in an ancient city Kyoto, and the clear eye which specialized in the profit real estate which gazed at the future, and will do the help describing a visitor's future plan.


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