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今日、私たちをとりまく社会情勢は、それまでの概念では起こりえない事、― 土地神話崩壊、金融破綻、IT技術の急激な進歩、阪神・東北の震災、covid-19の世界的な猛威 - 等が起こる、まさに激動の時代に突入しております。


I am glad to meet you. It is RAF inc. representative director, Yukio Watanabe.

I was brought up at the foot of Mount Fuji. And I grew up in Kyoto.

I spent youth in the times of the Showa and worked hard at a byte for a bubble period and found a job after collapse and lived as a one society person, one businessman in the modern society which continued changing busily.

The social situation which surround us has rushed into the tumultuous time just when it happens that it cannot happen,   - Myth-of-ever-higher-land-prices collapse, collapse of financial institutions, rapid progress of IT technology, and the earthquake disaster of Hanshin and a Tohoku ,  covid-19   -   the concept till then today.

This time when a conventional prejudice or fixed idea do not accomplish a meaning, and we think that the idea and the information that always repeated the innovation and the challenge and it lived are offered, and it continues being such a valuable company which can envision the future which is dream-inspiring together with you, customers.

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